Verdi Theater

736 Almirante Brown Avenue, La Boca. Argentina. International art exhibition. Disciplines: Photography, painting, sculpture, digital art, illustration, audiovisual, analog and digital collage. ARTACA AND ARTOUT ARGENTINA, come together to celebrate the 149th Anniversary of the People's Republic of La Boca with a multi-artistic event of international level.


June/July. Virtual Reality. Masters of Art.

September. Congress of the Nation. CABA. Argentina.

October. Virtual Reality. Palette of emotions.

November. Artistic intervention in San Telmo. Argentina.

Nov./Dec. Virtual Reality. Plenary art.

December. Boutiqe d´ Art in San Telmo. Argentina.


Art Sweet Art, April 2019.

Art and Passion, February 2019.

Boutique d´Art, December 2018.

Colors of the soul, September 2018.

Friends of the World, July 2018.

Intermezzo of art Caminito 2nd edition, March 2017.

Intermezzo of art Caminito 1st edition, December 2017.

Intermezzo of art Gualeguay 1st edition, September 2017.

Kaleidoscope 1st edition, July 2016.

Referents of artists in technological contexts

Virtual Exhibitions

This initiative is committed to the constant growth of artists, so that everyone can know their experience, their vision, their works and their trajectory. In this sense, digital platforms are very effective to spread and ranking artists, embodied by the professional team of Artout and Artout News that brings together the best of journalism, design, photography and community management specialized in art.

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A journalistic proposal of international distribution was born, which offers to show a complete overview of art, American culture, its influence in other regions and tourism as an agent of regional culture. Artout Argentina and Masters of Plastic Arts of Mexico come together to promote and prioritize the work of artists throughout Latin America. Digital format mass distribution and printed in Argentina and Mexico.